Monday, May 28, 2012

Well, no wonder!

While doing some research about the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 and it's author, McLane Layton, I found Equality for Adopted Children which is the organization that McLane is the founder and president of. Her bio page says,
It was during the adoption process that McLane began her quest for equal citizenship rights for internationally adopted children. In 1995, as she was going through the adoption process, she discovered that her children would not be automatic U.S. citizens even though both she and Rusty were U.S. citizens. “Every time I would sit down to fill out my children’s naturalization paperwork, I would get offended,” she recalls. It was not right that her children needed to be naturalized. They were not immigrants, but children of American citizens!
Really, I'm not surprised. This is just one more way that adopters try to make believe that the children they adopted are "natural issue" of their bodies, with no history before being adopted. But, it shows why so many adoptees refuse to believe they are immigrants; their adopters tell them they're not!


PS Notice, too, that the offense is about the adopter, not the child.