Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Russian adoptee's de facto deportation

aAll over the adoption  world there's chatter about the Tennessee woman who returned her son to Russia, unaccompanied, because she "didn't want to parent him". It seems she also was trying to adopt another child from Georgia. She said he was violent and dangerous and the Russian adoption people had hidden his troubles from her. Unlike a lot of people commenting on this case, I don't find it unbelievable. It's just like the family who sent their Korean daughter back to Hong Kong. Unfortunately this isn't that unique. It's also entirely conceivable that the Russians DID hide the truth from Torry Hansen. The adoption industry often lies and hides information about adoptees and their histories. Sealing the deal is the objective. Getting paid is paramount, both overseas and in the adoptors' countries. Keeping product moving is the goal. To illustrate: One adopter commented on Harlow's Monkey's post about the story that their adoption agency has a call to action to keep the Russian Adoption program open.

Bring people here to fulfill our needs, desires, and whims. Get rid of them if they show any problems or if they no long suit us. People are expendable. Especially foreign people. Cast them out and they won't be our problem anymore. Have they lost all their connections in their countries of origin? Doesn't matter. Just go away! Did they serve a purpose to us? Yeah, but we don't owe them anything! We tried our best but look how disruptive they are! They have problems! Aaaiiiieeeee!!!!

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