Monday, May 2, 2011

Immigrant adoptees rally on May 1

Or they should have...

This past weekend the adult adoptee-run organization Also-Known-As celebrated it's 15-year anniversary. The main events were on Saturday April 30. The next day, of course, was May 1, also known as International Worker's Day. Thousands of people rallied in Union Square, marched to Foley Square, and demanded rights and reform for immigrants and union workers. But, there were no adoptees representing ourselves as immigrants and adoptees. What a missed opportunity! Here were 150 adoptees, all immigrants, already organized, and no one thought about organizing us into a contingent for the rallies.

Well, there's always next year, I suppose. Because, unfortunately, I don't think that the fight will be won by then. What do you think adoptees and allies? Will you join the fight on May 1, 2012?


  1. I've never heard of such a thing, but I love the idea! Why shouldn't we have a moment to come together. I would personally like to see more Latino Adoptees speaking out about their experiences. Put me down for next year. -Jacqueline Arias

  2. Perhaps it will be difficult - and dare I say impossible - to organize the 150 or whatever number of adoptees are involved in the local NYC international adoptee org(s) or are in town for a big adoptee event, such as AKA's 15th Anniversary Celebration.  However, maybe a smaller contingent of progressive,  international adoptees and their allies can come together to participate in May Day 2012.  It could be a way to raise more visibility and to educate the wider immigrant and adoptee communities.